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 A Complete Guide to Working with Internet Generated Insurance Leads

Being an exclusive insurance agent with your own agency, entails a lot more than just retaining policyholders to ensure long term success. While retaining policyholders is an essential piece of the process, getting customers is the first step! So how does a private insurance agency enlist customers? The answer to this question varies. In archaic times, insurance salesman went from door to door with lengthy presentations in effort to sell policies. Nowadays, you may see an ad on the local newspaper or an insurance card neatly placed under the windshield wiper of your car. While neither method is wrong, none of them give insurance agents the most productivity. Therefore, internet generated insurance leads are the best option! Here is a complete guide to everything you need to know about internet generated insurance leads!

How To Get Started as a Captive Insurance Agent

Deciding to work as a captive insurance agent, is a great decision! The world of insurance is a lucrative and revolving career; which means you will always have job stability and endless promotional opportunities. However, insurance is a very big field and can be difficult to transition into. This article will be an informative guide on what you need to know to get started as a captive insurance agent.

How to get Appointed as a Life Insurance Agent

Fortunately for newly licensed life insurance agents, getting appointments with life insurance carriers is much easier than getting appointments with property and casualty carriers. Although there are still several steps to the process, it is considerably shorter and less complicated than the process for P&C agents. Ready to write some business? Read on for a breakdown of the steps to get appointed as a life insurance agent.

A Guide to Online Reviews and Reputation Management for Insurance Agents

Twenty years ago, everyone relied on phone books and personal referrals in order to find an insurance agent. In today's world, search engines and social media have become the modern versions of the phone book's business directory and reviews can be the online equivalent of a referral. If a customer looking for insurance cannot find anything about your agency online, they may be hesitant to buy a policy from you. However, there is more to creating an online presence for your insurance agency than just throwing up a simple social media page and leaving it alone.

Most people are familiar with the letters following a medical professional's name, which denotes both their profession and field of study. However, most people are not aware that insurance agents and financial professionals also have designations, which are indicated by an acronym.

How to get Appointed as a New P&C Insurance Agent

Getting appointed with insurance companies as a new agent isn't always easy. While this is just one of the many obstacles that new independent agents face, it's a big feat to overcome. Although it may seem impossible, you can successfully gain carrier appointments as long as you do plenty of research and follow the necessary steps. However, don't be fooled by the misconception that becoming an independent agent is just a matter of acquiring your own office and getting carrier appointments. There are several other things for an independent agent to consider before one can even begin to seek carriers to represent.

Guide to Effective Guest Posting for Insurance Agents

If you have a blog (or follow them), you may have heard the phrase "guest posting". While it seems like a straightforward concept, guest blogging can lead to big trouble on Google if done incorrectly. However, if executed correctly, it can have huge benefits for your insurance agency. Below, we'll walk through what guest posting is, how it can benefit your insurance agency (or you as an individual broker), how to get started, and some best practices to follow to ensure that your guest posts provide value to your readers and increase your reach, exposure, and SEO!

Affordable Alternatives to Expensive Advertising

Insurance agents know that the money spent on advertising needs to be effective. Large corporations like Geico have billions of dollars that they use to build brand awareness. If you're a small, local insurance agency, it's easy to feel like you just can't compete. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways that you can spend a lot less while still getting comparable results.

Local SEO for Insurance Agents

Google's recent algorithm update has made local presence and visibility more important than ever before for all businesses. If you're a national insurance agent, you know just how competitive the industry can be. So how can you become visible to users searching for local results and dominate the first page of the Search Engine Results Page?

How Much Do Insurance Agents Make

If you're thinking of a career as an insurance agent, you are probably asking yourself, how much do insurance agents make? However, this can depend on a variety of factors and you'll first need to decide which type of agent you'd like to be. There are 2 types of insurance agents in the United States: Captive and Independent. Captive agents work for a specific insurance company, like State Farm. Independent agents work, as their name implies, on their own. There are differences between the way these agents work, and differences in the way they're paid.