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11 of the Most Unusual Things People Have Ever Insured

The purpose of insurance is to protect the owner of the policy from financial losses in the event that something happens to the property being insured. Because what makes a financial difference for person or company is not the same as it is for another, there is a long list of unusual things which have been insured to protect the interests of their owners. The 11 presented here are among the most unusual, but they are only the top of the list and there are thousands of such items insured right now, all over the world.
  1. Hollywood Hottie Twentieth Century Fox once insured Betty Grables' legs for a staggering $1 million each. This was during the 1940's, and a million dollars was equivalent to about a billion dollars in today's money.
  2. Lottery Winner Insurance For Employers In the United Kingdom, employers can purchase insurance against having 2 or more employees quitting because they won the National Lottery. This policy would only pay out if the company lost at least two employees during the same drawing, which sets the odds of collecting on the policy astronomically high.
  3. A TV Game Show The American game show, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire," is actually insured against the possibility of a contestant winning. When considered from that perspective, it isn't a question of who wants to be a millionaire as it is a question of wants to pay out that much money.
  4. Super Cigar The most expensive insurance policy issued for a cigar was written by Lloyd's of London. The cigar in question in over 12 feet long and was made from more than 15,000 tobacco leaves. In case you are wondering, the cigar holds the world record for the longest cigar.
  5. Alien Abduction It is possible to purchase insurance against alien abductions. Around the nation, more than $10 million dollars in alien abduction insurance has been written, with higher payouts available for people who are abducted frequently. Keep in mind, proving that you were abducted will be necessary before you collect.
  6. Magic Finger Keith Richards, the guitarist for the hit rock band, The Rolling Stones, has his middle guitar finger insured for more than $1.5 million dollars. Not the whole hand, either, just a single finger.
  7. The Voice that Sells Bruce Springsteen, well known for his unique vocal qualities, has his voice insured for an impressive amount. If something should happen to Bruce's voice, he stands to gain an impressive $6 million.
  8. To Catch a Monster The Loch Ness Monster has been an item of hot debate for decades, but there are those among who are willing to bet that it will never be found. The Cutty Sark Company has a waiting prize of $1.5 million for anyone who captures the creature alive. To cover their own losses, the company also has an insurance policy that will pay out if someone actually does come forward with Nessie on a leash.
  9. Personal Vanity and Facial Hair Merv Hughes, an Australian cricket player, considers his mustache to be a trademark of who he is. For that reason, his famous handlebar mustache is insured in the amount of around $400,000.
  10. Personal Vanity and Body Hair The American singer, Tom Jones, thinks of his chest hair as his most redeeming individual quality. Because it so important to his personal image, Tom has his chest hair insured for several million dollars.
  11. Talk to the Hands Harvey Lowe insured his hands for $150,000 during the 1930's. The reason for such a large policy, because that was a lot of money when the policy was written, is because Harvey was the world yo-yo champion and his hands had taken him there. He first began using a yo-yo when he was in his early teens and continued to do so for many decades.
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