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Renewing Your Car Insurance without Comparing Quotes Can Cost You

Just because you still drive the same car does not mean that your insurance premiums will remain the same. When the time to renew rolls around, take the time to review your coverage and get some new insurance quotes. If you don't compare quotes before you renew, you may discover that you are literally paying for the wrong decision. Your car may not have changed, but your driving record could have. Most insurance companies will only look at the most recent 3 years of your driving record, plus lifelong things such as getting a DUI. If you have had a ticket or two expire from the record, your insurance premiums may be lower and you would never know if you didn't take the time to get some new quotes. Your credit score may have changed. Insurance companies look at your credit score to determine your level of financial responsibility. By getting new quotes before you renew, you can get an idea of any changes that have occurred in your credit score, and possibly find out about errors in your credit history before they pop up to haunt you. The rates that insurance companies charge their customers change over time. Sometimes those rates increase and sometimes they go down, but you won't know about any underlying changes in the market if all you do it renew your same old policy. Your own insurance company may not tell you that their base rates have changed at renewal time, saving the decrease for people signing up for new policies and allowing their existing customers to keep paying the same amount until they ask about the changes. Insurance companies compete. When it is getting close to renewal time, go ahead and get some online quotes. Several things can change your base rate, such as having kept your policy throughout the defined period. By getting quotes from several different companies, you will have a better grasp on what your coverage costs overall, and will be able to spot companies who are going all-out to get your business.