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Defensive Driving Courses Can Lower Insurance Rates

One way to reduce the cost of car insurance is to take a driver improvement course. The idea, from the insurance company perspective, is that people who take an active interest in being better drivers are also going to be a lower risk, and since the company saves money, they pass the savings on to you. Defensive driving courses are not the only way to save money on car insurance, but taking one will definitely be a step in the right direction. Insurance Risk Insurance is based on recognized risk, derived through careful calculations and hundreds of statistics. As the amount of risk for insuring a person goes up or down, the cost of insuring them changes in direct proportion. For example, if your risk goes up, the amount of your premiums will increase. If your risk goes down, such as taking a defensive driver course or improving your credit score, then the cost of insuring goes down as well. The more you can reduce the risks you pose, the lower your premiums can be. Voluntary Driver Improvement A voluntary driver improvement course can be taken in a physical classroom or attended online. Once the course is successfully completed, you will be presented with a certificate of completion that you can show to your insurance agent to receive an auto insurance discount. You can only make use of this option a single time, and the course cannot have been ordered by a court of law or the Department of Motor Vehicles. Other Ways to Reduce Costs In addition to taking a defensive driver course to reduce insurance premiums, you can also get cheaper car insurance in other ways too. Raising your deductible will lower your premiums, but be careful not to set the deductibles higher than you can realistically afford to pay out of pocket. Driving an older car and dropping your collision coverage will also reduce costs. Finally, choosing a car with a good highway safety record and a number of factory-installed safety devices will result in your premiums being much lower than you thought was possible. When your defensive driver course discount is added to all the other discounts available, your premiums could turn out to be several hundred dollars lower than you had first expected.