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Car Insurance for Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists & Other Medical Professionals

One way to save money on car insurance is to belong to a profession that receives automatic discounts. The medical field is one such profession, saving money for the people who help put things back together when accidents strike others. Doctors, nurses and radiologists are all eligible for car insurance discounts, along with medical technicians, paramedics and anesthesiologists. For insurance companies, the education required to become a medical professional is a solid indicator of your level of responsibility and personal integrity. And because people in the medical profession are constantly faced with the consequences of poor driving judgment, they are considered to be more dependable when they get behind the wheel. When the insurance company is saving money on claims, they pass those savings on to the medical professionals. Even students studying medicine in college can get special student discounts on car insurance if they maintain a 3.0 or better grade. By taking the time to focus on school and reaching for a medical career, the student demonstrates a level of personal responsibility that reduces the risk of insuring them. Graduating with a BA or higher degree, whether it is in the medical field or not, will typically earn you a discount on car insurance. Credit score is another way medical professionals can save money on car insurance. Keeping a credit score of 650 of higher tells the insurance company that you are a financially responsible person, and they will reward you with a discount. This is in addition to any other discounts you qualify for, and that means your savings could be impressive when all the discounts are calculated. Professional discounts are available to medical professionals in all fields. Pharmacists and nutritionists are eligible. And researchers and scientists developing new treatments or medications qualify, along with LPNs and surgeons. If you work in some way related to the medical fields, ask your insurance agent about a possible discount.