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Do police officers get insurance benefits?

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Police officers are eligible for discounts on their car insurance, along with many other occupations that deal with public safety, such as firemen and emergency service workers. It is not a requirement that such employees are working in the field either. Corrections officers, jail clerks, and office employees are all eligible for police officer discounts.

Other occupations that are eligible for the same type of discounts on car insurance include lawyers, bailiffs, court clerks, and maintenance workers employed by the police department. Patrol and traffic officers enjoy the same insurance discounts as detectives and police dispatchers. In part, the discounts are in honor of the time spent for the benefit of the general public, and in part they are based on the statistical reality that police officers are more responsible drivers, perhaps because they deal with the consequences of irresponsible driving on a daily basis.

No more what the details of the job may be, if you are employed by local, state or federal law enforcement you will be eligible for auto insurance discounts that reduce the financial burden of driving an automobile and conforming to the laws of the state in which you live. rather than being a discount offered solely for being a police officer, these discounts are based on years of highway safety statistics which show that fewer police officers are involved in serious driving incidents than other drivers.

answered Jun 28, 2011 by anonymous
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