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My son is going to college soon. Are there any insurance issues I should be aware of?

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Students and their parents have a lot of things to worry about when they first go off to college, and insurance is not at the top of any lists. The good news is that your son may be able to use the same coverage he always has for his liability, personal property, health, and auto coverage. There are some restrictions and limitations, but most forms of insurance have a limited amount of mobility to help families work them into their needs.

As long as his car is registered to one of the parents, car insurance will remain in effect while he is away at college. However, if your son has the car registered in his name, lives off campus, or is otherwise considered an emancipated citizen, he would be responsible for getting his own car insurance. You should also keep in mind that car insurance varies from one state to another, and make sure the policy conforms to the laws where your son resides.

As far as personal property is concerned, your homeowners, condo, or renters insurance will provide coverage for your son as long as the amount of his possessions does not exceed the limits of the policy and he is housed on campus property. If he will not be living on campus, then you can still pick up a rider for his personal property and if the personal property limits are too low they can be increased. Another option is getting renters insurance for your son.

Health insurance, like other types of policies, will still cover your son as long as he lives on campus or in a dwelling that is paid for by you. If your health insurance is not available to your son, he can also sign up for group insurance through most colleges, getting student discounts that make having the coverage more affordable. You can find out more information about health insurance for college students using our site.

answered May 16, 2012 by anonymous
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