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Affordable Car Insurance for Students

Every driver must be insured. Younger people, specifically students are typically classified by insurance companies as being higher risk, so the majority of car insurance companies charge them much higher rates. Many students find it less expensive to remain on their parents' insurance plan. However, if a student attends a school that is out of town, this is no longer an option. Students can benefit from obeying traffic laws, being careful about their credit score, and minimizing unimportant driving. By taking these steps, students can obtain more affordable insurance and save money in other ways.There are several factors that can affect the insurance rates for young drivers including:Insurance and Youth RisksAnyone 25 or younger is considered to be an insurance risk by insurance carriers. Research has proven that this age bracket is more prone to driving accidents and to breaking minor traffic laws like speeding and not stopping at stop signs. Because of these factors, it is more expensive to insure younger people. Their insurance rates will usually not get lower until these statistics lessen.Discounts Available for Good GradesGetting good grades in school demonstrates that you are a trustworthy student. Maintaining a 3.0 or higher grade point average can help qualify you for discounts on your car insurance coverage. Provide your insurance provider with your most recent grades and be sure to submit new grades as you receive them.The Importance of Building Good CreditEveryone, students included, can learn to better manage their credit scores. Your first credit transactions mark the beginning of your credit scores. These initial credit purchases can be credit card purchase or perhaps buying an automobile. Keeping a good credit score is very important, as banks and insurance companies will check your scores to determine whether or not to give you loans or to provide low cost insurance to you. Maintaining a high credit score will assist you when it comes time to buy insurance. Beside that, a good credit score is important to your future.Reduce Your Driving Mileage to Lower RatesSome regions make pay per mile insurance available to drivers that do not often drive far. If pay per mile is not available where you live, be sure to give an account of your mileage to your insurance company and inquire if they have any low mileage discounts available.About the Author: is an avid writer and content specialist for US Insurance Agents. John authors articles and other content for the company's insurance websites. Google+